About me

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I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Jeffrey Powell’s Lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Yale University. I’m broadly interested in using genetics and GIS to understand gene flow and population structure of natural populations. You can read more about my research interests here.

I’m originally from northern California, where I received my BS and MS in Biology at Stanford University. For my honors thesis, I studied decision-making behavior in the red harvester ant with Dr. Deborah Gordon. I also loved research, teaching, and leading tours at the Jasper Ridge Biological Field Station. After graduation, I worked at NASA Ames with Dr. Lynn Rothschild on a synthetic biology project that will be launched on the EuCROPIS satellite mission.

At Yale I’m enjoying not only research but opportunities to teach and plan science outreach events for the public and to support diversity in science at Yale.

Email: evlyn.pless (at) yale.edu

Twitter: @Evie_Pless