The Next Big Pandemic: Understanding Animal to Human Disease Transmission

UC Davis, Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2021

I designed and taught an interactive, virtual undergraduate seminar about zoonotic spillover events and their global consequences.

Biology of Terrestrial Invertebrates 

Yale University, Lecture & Lab, Fall 2017, Primary Instructor: Dr. Marta Wells.

Through lectures and a weekly lab, this course introduces students to the ecology, evolution, physiology, and behavior of terrestrial invertebrates, especially insects and spiders. As the Teaching Assistant, I met with students, graded exams, and helped set-up and run the labs as well as a field trip to Florida.

Evolutionary Biology 

Yale University, Lecture & Discussion Section, Spring 2017, Primary Instructors: Dr. Jeffrey Powell and Dr. Alvaro Sanchez.

This upper-level elective introduces students to concepts ranging from selection and phylogenetics to social evolution and the origins of life. As a teaching fellow, I led weekly discussion sections on primary literature and graded exams.

Evolutionary Medicine 

Yale University, Lecture & Discussion Section, Fall 2016, Primary Instructor: Dr. Stephen Stearns

This small, upper-level course gives students a unique perspective on the intersection between medicine and evolution, and on the importance of life history traits. Students write a 15-page research paper on a topic of their choosing. As a teaching fellow, I led weekly discussion sections focused on scientific writing and helped students prepare their final research paper.

Principles of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

Yale University, Lecture & Discussion Section, Spring 2016, Primary Instructor: Dr. Michael Donoghue

This course is part of Yale’s introductory biology series and serves to introduce students to the fundamentals of ecology and evolution. As a teaching fellow, I led weekly discussion courses about primary literature and graded student assignments and exams.

Ecology and Natural History of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve 

Stanford University, Spring 2014, Primary Instructors: Cindy Wilbur and Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo

This field-based course offers students hands-on experience with ecology research as well as a deep understanding of the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. The class consists of both Stanford students and community members, and after completion, students are certified as docents at the preserve. As a teaching assistant, I graded weekly homework, helped students plan their final research project, and assisted during class.